Details of eoSemi’s product and technology are only available under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements.

However the company will reveal that it is working in the area of Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO). TCXOs provide frequency references which are very accurate, even as the temperature and other environmental conditions change significantly. A general rule of thumb is that the more accurate, the more exponentially expensive, large, current consuming and costly the TCXO becomes. eoSemi’s technology will change this forever.

TCXO’s have three physical components; quartz crystal, ceramic package and silicon IC.

eoSemi has specialist knowledge in in quartz crystal behaviour and packaging and has partners developing optimised components for its TCXO product. However, it is in the area of silicon IC design that eoSemi has the most value-added innovation. eoSemi is currently developing its own full custom IC. This device contains innovations that will reduce the noise, current consumption, size and cost of eoSemi’s TCXO, as well increasing the frequency accuracy and stability of its output.

eoSemi will use an established TCXO manufacturer to assemble the three components together in high volumes.

The cost of testing and characterising fully assembled high performance TCXOs is almost equivalent to the combined cost of the individual components and assembly. This is the other area in which eoSemi has innovative and potentially market changing technology.

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